Xpert Solutions Of Calgary - Stole my computer

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Said they had to take my Mac off site to repair and I never saw it again, I had previously been happy with their service so like an *** I trusted them, that was a mistake. Owner told me a disgruntled employee took a bunch of computers and then quit, he actually gave me the employees name, address and phone number and told me to go after him.

He offered me compensation for the hardware but I gave up trying to collect after he continually told me his accountant had sent me the funds and then blocked my number and stopped responding to emails. Not being reimbursed shows that they are at the least incompetent at running their business and at most, thieves, if something goes south on your end stick it to the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xpert Solutions Of Calgary Desktop Computer Repair.

Xpert Solutions Of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta - Xpert Solutions Calgary xps.unmix.ca is a Scam!

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Approximately three weeks ago, I called for service as my desktop computer would not connect to the hard drive. The technician came to the house, looked at the machine, and said that we required a new hard drive. He also suggested that we should have a new external hard drive for backup. He had to take the CPU to the shop to install the hard drive and to get an external drive, but said he would have the computer back in three days. He said time was needed to test run the machine. He didn’t come back after three days, so I phoned him and eventually after 5 days he returned. He said the extra time was needed to test the computer.

When he arrived, he hadn’t yet installed the new hard drive, but did so then. He also brought a Seagate 1TB external hard drive, which he said he would let me have for the "low price" of $125.00. Once the new hard drive was installed, he booted it up and it was giving the same error message as before that the computer did not recognize the hard drive, and it was then apparent that he had not tested the computer at all. Furthermore, the external hard drive was a used one, as it has the name of a trucking company in the memory. I then checked Best Buy and found that a Seagate 1TB external hard drive retails at $79.00!

It is apparent Xpert Solutions is running some sort of a scam, because it is three weeks after my initial call, and I don’t have the computer. In addition, the technician said repairs would be about $500.00, but I have subsequently determined that a new computer, with a larger memory can be bought for $349.00 retail. Why should I be paying $500.00 for repairs to an old computer, plus $125.00 for a used external hard drive when a new one can be bought for $349.00 plus $79.00 for a total of $425.00? I have been about three weeks without the computer, and with no contact from the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xpert Solutions Of Calgary Desktop Computer Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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